Change Your Life By Adding Oxygen to your Workout

Adding oxygen to your cardio workout, a practice known as exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) is an amazing practice that can improve your health, wellness, and athletic performance. EWOT is used by elite athletes and the chronically ill alike to help improve their wellness and performance.

There is a secret health practice that few know about,Guest Posting but that is growing in popularity quickly: exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT). When you do cardio exercise for 15-minutes while breathing oxygen, amazing things begin to happen to your body. EWOT can improve your physical fitness, physical and mental health. It can improve your athletic performance but also your personal wellness. Let’s learn more about the benefits of EWOT.

What is EWOT
EWOT is the practice of doing cardio exercise while breathing oxygen. Because of the amazing synergies of oxygen and exercise, you can get many benefits in just a 15-minute session. EWOT has been around for decades and has been used by top athletes and militaries alike to improve human performance. Until recently, EWOT was too expensive for the average person to afford. However, today, EWOT is a very affordable practice you can do in your own home. With affordable prices and only requiring 15-minutes of your time, EWOT is a health and wellness tool that almost anyone can fit into their life.

The Science of EWOT
EWOT is very similar to hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). In HBOT, a person goes into a pressurized tube of oxygen for 90 minutes to push more oxygen into their tissues. In EWOT, we use the synergies of exercise to allow your heart to pump the oxygen into your tissues. Both modalities leverage the blood plasma – the clear liquid that the red blood cells ride on – to carry additional oxygen to the cells. Normally plasma does not carry much oxygen, however under conditions of EWOT and HBOT, oxygen is forced into the plasma where it increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of our blood. It is also important because blood plasma can travel past choke points in our capillaries where inflammation has narrowed the capillary walls too much to allow the red blood cells in. This can create an amazing anti-inflammatory effect that reestablishes normal blood flow to downstream tissues. You can read more about EWOT vs HBOT.

How can EWOT Benefit me?
If you are looking to improve your athletic performance, look no further than EWOT. EWOT has been shown to decrease reaction time by greater than 15%, can improve endurance by 50%, and reduce recovery time by a quarter. And if these amazing benefits were not enough, exercising with oxygen also boosts the metabolism and increases fat burn. Olympians and professional athletes use the power of oxygen to fuel their workouts and recovery! And, it is very affordable! EWOT is amazing!

Even if you are not looking to set a personal record or be an elite athlete, EWOT systems offer a ton of benefits — EWOT boosts the immune system, increases energy & metabolism, improves mood, increases mental clarity, reduces inflammation, and is even anti-aging. After just a few sessions of EWOT, people see improvements to complexion and circulation, increased energy levels, less brain fog, and an improved sense of well-being. And EWOT can be done in your home, making it easy to fit into your life and fitness routines.

How EWOT helps people with medical conditions?
People with Chronic health conditions can also benefit from EWOT. EWOT systems have been used as an alternative cancer treatment for many years – helping reduce inflammation, detoxify the body, and helping regulate the immune system. More recently, EWOT has been used to help people with Lyme disease, Long COVID, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, traumatic brain injuries, and many other conditions. EWOT can kill infections that prefer low oxygen environments (like anaerobic bacteria). In fact, inflammation can only occur in low-oxygen environments. So when we flood our bodies with oxygen, we can blunt inflammation at the source. The oxygen also helps us detoxify our bodies. In people with chronic illnesses, the body is often filled with toxins from the disease and a haggard body that does not have the energy to “take out the trash”. When we reestablish energy production, cells can reestablish these vital functions and the result is an improved sense of wellbeing.

What EWOT users are saying
People who are using EWWOT for these conditions often provide dramatic feedback. There is the gentleman who had stage-4 cancer and was in a walker – he told us how months later he was walking 6 miles a day and recovering his health. Or there is the gentleman who had a traumatic brain injury from a car accident – he tells us his anger issues and brain fog have gone away and he can now return to his business of helping people prep their taxes. As for me, I used EWOT to recover from Lyme disease and years of medical problems. We started One Thousand Roads EWOT to help people with chronic health conditions recover their wellness by making EWOT systems more affordable.

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